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Jo Arscott is a true pioneer.
When she started in advertising she was a teenage girl of colour.
And that was back in the 1980s, when the planet was a lot less woke (as the kids say) than it is now.
Then she paved the way for ‘Integrated’ work long before ‘360’ became an adjective.
Then she worked everywhere from Atlanta to Cairo.
And she’s now a walking diversity debate who doesn’t think there should be one.
So she’s had an advertising career unlike any other, but met every twist and turn with relentless positivity.
In the beginning growing up in Gloucestershire to Copywriting College in Watford.
Inspiration from Margaret Thatcher and Boy George.
Her interviewees in the old days, ‘Oh my God, she’s black! Oh my God, she’s a girl!'
Integration was a thing.
That asthma poster.
To the BBC via Paris.
Saatchi and Saatchi under Dave Droga.
Being groomed by Michael Howard to become an MP.
Off to Coke in Atlanta.
Shopper Marketing and P&G in Bentonville, Arkansas with Saatchi X (Amish, Cowboys, KKK...).
And no real love for Chicago.
So back to the UK... before quickly off to the Middle East.
It’s all an education.
It's all about culturally relevant experiences.
Building brands.
Improving lives.
Back in the UK again.
Life happens.
Covid happens.
Life happens beautifully again.
Resulting in a whole new world of local possibilities.
- Ben Kay Podcast Intro.






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